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Carabao Cup 2023 semi-final ties:Date and possible time for kickoff

By Martsyl,

12th Jan, 2023

The Carabao cup for the 2023 season has reached the semi-final with only Manchester United as the only top six teams to make the list. Southampton eliminated Manchester City to become the first English club to eliminate Pep Guardiola in a league competition. Newcastle United, Southampton, Nottingham Forest and Manchester United are the four teams to make it to the semi-finals this year, the draw for the semi-final is as follows,Southampton will face Newcastle United while Nottingham will play against Manchester United in the semi-finals.

 Carabao Semi-Final date
The first leg of the competition will be played on 23rd January but the time for the game is yet to be confirmed by the footballing association, it is most likely to be played at 21:00. Manchester United will most likely face Dean Henderson who was their former player and also a hero for Nottingham against Wolves during the penalty shootout in the quarter-finals. Though a lot of pundits have tipped Newcastle United and Manchester United to make it to the finals of the competition.



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