Premier League Update

Joa Felix's return date after his red card against Fulham

By Martsyl,

13th Jan, 2023

Chelsea's new loan signing Joa Felix received a red card on his debut against Fulham, the youngster was exceptional until the 60th minute when he was given a straight red card for an awful tackle on a Fulham player. A lot of fans were impressed by his display of intelligence and his link play with the attackers during the game but were disappointed after the player picked up a red card during the game.
it was confirmed that the player will miss three matches or else an appeal is made by the club which seems not to be happening. The Portuguese forward will miss the game against Crystal Palace, Liverpool and the return leg with Fulham.

Joa Felix is expected to return to the field on 11th Feb against Westham which is almost a month out, it is a big disappointment for both the club and fans as Felix showed a glimpse of hope to the fans what their attack should look like.
Hopefully, the player will come back stronger against West Ham to help Chelsea salvage their dying season.



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