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Noni Madueke joins Chelsea's full training, check the attacker's abilities and disabilities

By Swatman, Professional Writer @Operanews

24th Jan, 2023

Newly signed Chelsea youngster Chukwunonso Madueke joined the blues' training sessions today. The English international completed his move from PSV to Chelsea a few days ago for a fee worth $35m. He is 20 years of age but possesses some special qualities that could help Graham Potter to achieve his ideas. Madueke is left-footed and that makes him the perfect player for Chelsea's right-wing side. ABILITIES

Strength: Noni is so strong and defenders find it very difficult to intercept the ball whenever he is in motion.This particular quality is needed by any player who wants to survive in the premier league.

Speed and Ball control: Noni Madueke controls the ball so well and that helps him to dribble past many defenders. Opponents go as far as kicking him so much to make sure he doesn't escape from them.

Shot power and accuracy: This youngster shoots so well and he is always accurate. He beckons more on creating chances, which is why he does not shoot every time.


Noni is an injury-prone player. He dribbles so well and defenders who cannot bear him, go as far as kicking him. He missed a lot of games due to injury during his time in PSV. This has been a very big problem for his footballing career. Noni will play together with players like Joao Felix, Mudryk, Christopher Nkunku, and Kai Havertz. This will help him to learn more. He might also score lots of goals because the workload will no longer be much as it was during his stay at PSV.



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