Premier League Update

Everton in talks to sign Hakim Ziyech

By Swatman, Professional Writer @Operanews

25th Jan, 2023
Chelsea signed Noni Madueke and Mudryk in this current transfer window. This means that either Hakim Ziyech or Christian Pulisic might leave Stamford bridge. Sources have it that Pulisic would have left this January if not for his injury. Everton Football club is currently in talks to sign Hakim Ziyech this January. The 29-year-old Moroccan winger would be open to making the switch if it will see him playing more games. Sources have it that Everton will pay up to $25m to sign the player. Everton football club has parted ways with Frank Lampard, they are considering Marcelo Bielsa or David Moyes as a replacement. Signing Hakim Ziyech will be a bigger boost to them and it will guarantee Madueke enough playing time at Stamford bridge.



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