Premier League Update

Why Jorginho will be a better FPL asset than Enzo Fernandez

By Swatman, Professional Writer @Operanews

3rd Feb, 2023
The Premier League football is back in action today with Chelsea hosting Fulham at Stamford bridge. New players like Jorginho, Enzo, Mudryk, and Noni have all been registered. FPL managers might have to choose between Jorginho and Enzo Fernandez during their team selection. The truth remains that none of these two players is good enough to be a starter in any manager's FPL team. The reason is that wingers are midfielders too, so they are considered ahead of central/defensive midfielders. However, Jorginho is a better FPL asset than Enzo Fernandez because of his penalty skills. Goals and assists are the expectations of any manager from a midfielder. Both players are not so good at scoring goals but Jorginho is one of the best penalty-takers in the league, so he is a better option.



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