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Six FPL assets that you should never transfer out till end of the season

By Swatman, Professional Writer @Operanews

25th Jan, 2023

Most EPL teams have played 20 league games this season. Some players have been so consistent from week 1 to the current week 20. These are the type of players that should never be transferred out of any manager's FPL team. Teams like Arsenal, Newcastle United, Manchester City, and Manchester United are playing so good this season. Some of their players are so consistent in giving returns to the FPL managers who signed them from week Newcastle United has been so good defensively but only 2 players should remain in any manager's team till the end of the season. The first player here is :

1. NICK POPE Nick pope has been so good this season because of Newcastle's defensive strategy. Eddie Howe's team is doing so well defensively and that explains the reason why Nick Pope has conceded lesser goals this season. He is always a starter and also keeps clean sheets. This is the first thing every manager should consider before signing a goalkeeper. Every manager who has Nick Pope is sure of 6 points and above each week.

2. KIERAN TRIPPIER He plays the right-back position for Newcastle United. This defender is not only good in defense, but he is also a good set-piece taker and that brings about more points. Trippier has scored a direct free-kick twice this season and has delivered assists a couple of times. He is a good asset.

3. ERLING HAALAND: Manchester City is an attacking team. I believe managers should choose players based on the team's pattern. Erling Haaland is not only a starter in every manager's team but he is also captain material. He has scored over 25 EPL goals this season and has accumulated a greater number of points for managers who bought him in week 1. He is also a guaranteed starter in Pep Guardiola's team and also plays for more than 70 mins.

4. MARTIN ODEGAARD: Arsenal plays like Manchester City as well. They are attack-minded and the engine of Arteta's game is this Norwegian player named Odegaard. He has many assists and goals this season despite his low price. Martinelli and Saka started so well but stopped being consistent to a point. However, Odegaard has been giving attacking returns to his managers since week 1.

5. MARCUS RASHFORD Rashford did not start the season well but a lot has been noticed since he returned from the world cup. English International has scored 9 goals in his last 9 games and that is what every manager would love to see each game week.



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